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Pencil Me In Cosmetics Launches "Smear-Free" Campaign

The natural eyeliner company uses formula with
highly concentrated pigmentation 
to last longer and prevent smudges.

New York, NY [May 2014]

Other eyeliners are running a smear campaign. Pencil Me In Cosmetics is running a cleancampaign, "A No Smear Campaign" with its eyeliner pencils, designed to last throughout the day.  We are so done with raccoon eyes, the disappearing act and a cakey mess.

Pencil Me In cosmetics eyeliner is formulated to stay put with its highly concentrated pigmentation. When you apply Pencil Me In eyeliner in the morning, it still looks good at the end of the day. The pencil core is creamy enough to blend but firm so the points don’t break easily and the color doesn’t fade. The eyeliners are highly concentrated with pigment so pressing hard and repeating the lines is not necessary.

These eyeliners are available in 30 awesome colors to match any look - from browns, denims, purples, metallic bronzes and smokey, misty grays. They are not the ordinary colors shown in the market place. Featured this year is Orchid Sparks, a shade similar to the 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid as named by the Pantone Color Institute. Pencil Me In cosmetics has four-to six-piece eyeliner sets, which are designed to match a person’s skin tone, hair color & style. The smokey, dramatic and neutral eyeliner sets are very popular. MSRP is $6.99 per pencil.  

We all want to use healthier, greener products.  Pencil Me In eyeliners provide skin-nourishing benefits with natural ingredients & blended botanicals that include green tea leaf extract, pine bark extract, grape seed extract, shea butter, cacao butter, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil and safflower seed oil. Vitamins include  A (Retinyl Palmitate), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), C (Ascorbic Acid) and Vitamins D and E, (Tocopherol). Clinical data has revealed that vitamins and anti-oxidants added to cosmetic products used in the eye area help to keep that delicate tissue soft and smooth. The ingredients have been shown to help protect the eye area from daily exposures of destructive elements in the environment. The pencils are paraben and petroleum free, non-irritating, eco-friendly, tamperproof and hygienic. 

The sharpener attached to the pencil cap was so revolutionary that Pencil Me In cosmetics won the ICMAD City Awards for Color Cosmetic Package Design Innovation, award for the excellence in cosmetics and also won the award of CPC Packaging Editors’ Choice Award. “It’s about time someone did something like this,” said CPC Packaging awards panelist Nicole Smith, environmental director for Design & Source Productions Inc., “It’s like putting wheels on a suitcase.”

Pencil Me In cosmetics has received recognition in the most esteemed consumer and trade publications and blogs across the US and world including Woman’s Day,  In Touch, Shape, Herb Companion, Seventeen and Trade magazines like GCI magazine and Beauty Store Business.

Pencil Me In cosmetics also gives back. The company donates thousands of pencils each year to many organizations including local schools & fundraising events, Women for Women, Fashion for Hope, Give to Bless and just recently, The Tampa Bay Advocates Against Human Trafficking. Giveaways are held daily on the company’s websites and social networks. In addition, we  hold contest partnerships with fellow beauty bloggers and magazines.

BIO of Linda Eisner, the founder and head pencil pusher of Quality Pencils Inc. 

Quality Pencils Inc. is a high quality manufacturer of wood & plastic cosmetic pencils for lip, eye, brow & hair art. Linda Eisner has over 25 years’ experience in the private label cosmetics industry. Linda has secured her place as an industry expert, not only in cosmetic pencils but also in how to private label manufactured cosmetics. Her company specializes in private label and contract manufacturing of slim & jumbo cosmetic pencils.  They design, develop & create cosmetic pencils to meet the specifications and requirements of their customers.  In the private label industry, the biggest secret is who they make products for. Quality Pencils Inc. discretely produces cosmetic pencils for many of the major cosmetic companies sold in the market place today. They also market two of their own brands, Pencil Me In, natural eyeliner pencils and Graff*Etch hair art pencils.

In November of 2007, while maintaining her private label business, Linda decided to create her first brand, Pencil Me In.  Eisner said “For me the perfect pencil is not yet available”. She wanted to develop healthy eyeliner pencils in a variety of great colors. There was a need for a natural 'green' cosmetic pencil so she asked her factory to create a formula that would meet her ingredient requirements. Linda wanted her pencils to have the perfect consistency, payoff, and long lasting wear-ability made with healthy ingredients. She is very passionate about pencils and took her time to develop the formula.

Linda’s philosophy is to offer the salon & spa market a quality product at a mass market price. Then pass the savings onto the salon/spa owner and ultimately the consumer will benefit. These days we are all looking for value and a good deal can be very satisfying. A happy customer will return. Mark ups in the cosmetic industry are exorbitant. Perception is that higher priced products are made of higher quality ingredients and only sometimes that is true. Linda was able to create Pencil Me In, with high quality ingredients, nutrients & pigments at a reasonable cost. Quality cosmetic pencils don’t have to be expensive to be great. Salons & Spas can retail Pencil Me In eyeliner pencils at a competitive price, make their profit margin and offer their customer 30 extraordinary colors to choose from. Her best feedback is from consumers that have sensitive eyes and are able to wear Pencil Me In.

The Pencil Me In brand created two well-designed cosmetic pencil displays so trying the colors is fun and easy. The counter top display is a self-service stand that houses retail stock as well as 30 pencil testers. This display can be set on a counter or hang on a wall. The “tester only” display holds only the tester pencils and the retail stock is stowed away. Each display was specifically designed to fit into the salon/spa atmosphere.  Display the pencils on the counter and while a client is waiting, they can test the shades and purchase several colors effortlessly.  Let the client reap the benefit of selecting natural eyeliner pencils at an affordable price as part of their salon experience.

The idea of Graff*Etch began at Premiere in Orlando in 2009. Linda was exhibiting Pencil Me In.  At the show, several barbers appeared at the booth to purchase Linda’s eyeliner pencils. It turns out the barbers were creating designs with their clippers and wanted to use her eyeliner pencils to color in the designs. The hair art looked amazing!!  At that moment, Linda realized she had to sell pencils for hair.  Initially she thought her eyeliner pencil brand would be perfect for hair art.  What she discovered is cosmetic pencils do not meet the special requirements for application on short hair and on the scalp. Graff*Etch, combines graffiti and barber etching and was released in July 2010. We also market a wrist band pencil holder that keeps the pencils within easy reach. GraffEtch 8 pc. color packs MSRP $29.95. For the complete Graff*Etch story and to purchase visit www.GraffEtch.com.

Linda’s goal for her brands is to have our pencils in salons, spas, barbershops, boutiques and healthy stores worldwide.