Mr. Eyeliner



**"There is nothing in these pencils that makes me allergic, despite so many other bad experiences with other brands. It's obvious the purity and quality are high, because I have no itching, blurred vision, or watering of the eyes when I use these pencils. They go on smooth on my older skin, and the cost is incredibly low for the quality. I will never go back to Sephora again!" -  Karen Owen

**A week or so ago I purchased 6 of the colors to sell in my business... I LOVE them.  I have alot of trouble with pencils "melting" down my eyes but not so with these.  Will be adding others colors in my next order.
Pam Vendetti
Bella Vista Skin Care, Inc.
Escondido, CA

**Working at Country Weekly magazine, I often get samples or items in for photo shoots, so I've tried a lot of beauty products.  I have to say that these Pencil Me In eyeliners are by far my favorite.  They are so soft, really do go on smoothly and blend extremely well.  I like that they go on lightly and you can build your color without overdoing it.  But probably best of all is the sharpener in the lid.  What a genius invention!  I hate digging around in my train case looking for a sharpener only to come up empty handed.  That sharpener is really brilliant.
Kristin Russell,  
Production Manager
Country Weekly Magazine
Nashville, TN

**First, I have to tell you that having a pencil sharpener in each cap is ingenious.  I always seem to be losing my smaller pencil sharpeners that I travel with and now I don't have to worry about that.  And it also assists with good hygiene because having the sharpener so handy helps to make it a habit to clean each pencil right after you have used it.The colors glide on soflty and smoothly.  For me that is one of the most important things when using a pencil.  If there is anything I hate it's trying to use a pencil and you have to drag it across the eyelid.  Your product is so user friendly that I am comfortable using them to color the lid of clients that wear contact lenses because I use barely (or none at all) pressure to deposit color on the lids.The color selection is great.  The metallic colors are my favorite (Meteor being # 1).
Karen Sidbury,
Licensed Makeup Artist
Indian Head, MD

** I have now been using the liner for my eyes since I received it the first week of April......and I want to report.....absolutely no problems what so ever with your pencil.  As my eyes are extremely sensitive I have been so happy with the not reacting to the daily use of this pencil. It is everything you promote it to be!  Thankyou.....for the gift of using it.....and I do plan to order more colors.  And I do love the charcoal......after a while...it seems to adjust to ones skin tone.....cannot explain it.....but it does!  It just seems to blend in with me.  But I have had no inflammation of the eyelids, no drying of my eyes, no itching, streaming, or anything......you have developed a wonderful product.
Regards,Anne, Atlanta, GA.